Club travail


Mathilde Maillard (BE)

Mathilde Maillard has been wearing several hats as an art worker for the past years. Within Club travail, a geometrically-variable little group, she organises gatherings : choirs, spontaneous protests, clubs, walks and conversations about art, life, and vice-versa.

For the OFFTA, during three days, she sets the base for a meeting space to talk about work: what (pre)occupies us? With her collaborator Samuel Hackwill, she invites us to delve together into notions of engagement, goodwill and collaboration within work.

Writing and Workshop Conception Mathilde Maillard Artistic and Technical Collaboration Samuel Hackwill Thanks Marine Thevenet, Anna Czapski, Yvonne Harder, Diederik Peeters, Emmanuelle Wattier, Camille Bono, Club de futurologie de la coopération With the support of Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ), Le Vivat (BE)

$50 for the three days. For practitioners and theorists who have reserved for the three days. Registration deadline: May 10th. In french. Registration and payment: