As a way of investigating work, the moving micro book shop Éclair will build and create a collection of books for their shop over the course of the festival. They will develop a visual and living archive of their in situ approach, at Monument-National. The team, Chantale Potié and Éléonore Schreiber, will share their research, readings, and interrogations with the public, making visible their – often solitary, sometimes mysterious – curation process.

Éclair is a literary consultancy, curatorial practice, and seasonal micro bookshop that provides small, highly selective bilingual collections of books. Éclair reads books, builds on texts, reflects, writes, talks, and repeats.

A collaboration with Éclair Team Chantale Potié + Éléonore Schreiber Photo Éclair

Éclair’s team will be present during the OFF.Radio broadcasting.

27—31.055 pm