Le Nuage de l’inconnaissance / The Cloud of Unknowing

Boris Dumesnil-Poulin


Good boy

Antoine Charbonneau-Demers

Le Nuage de l’inconnaissance / The Cloud of Unknowing

How does light feel when you’re a plant?

The Cloud of Unknowing is a cinematic adventure combining dance and poetry on the possible encounters with non-human beings, the imperceptible and the unfathomable. Footage, animation, gesture and voice all combine to reconcile our sensuous perceptions with the naked being of things. A multidimensional voyage into the secret lives of water, animals, skeletons and thunderstorms, ‘tis a journey across matter into how it might feel to be something else than what we actually are.

Boris Dumesnil-Poulin is an artist, poet and musician. Boris specializes in futile endeavours, risky hikes and Vertigo zooms. An adventurer at heart, he lives for bold gestures that harbour the dream of a new future. He juggles with mystery and humour to talk about very serious stuff, to insinuate himself between reality and imagination, and to gaze at the world like an alien, a plant or a puff of air would. His work is all about teleportation, shape-shifting and journeying to fictional places.

Creation Boris Dumesnil-Poulin Swimmers Félix Dumesnil-Poulin, Alexandra Sargent-Laskin, Malaïka Petersen-Pelletier, François Morelli, Camille Cléant, Boris Dumesnil-Poulin Outside Eye Rebecca Duclos Videography and Editing Laïla Meistari Technical Director and Stage Management Frédérique Laliberté Photo and video teaser Boris Dumesnil-Poulin In collaboration with Complexe sportif du Stade Olympique, Faculté des beaux-arts de l’Université Concordia With the support of La Fondation Poulin

Good boy

A young man discovers the city, where dreams fall apart, where youth fades, but where he would experience sexual and emotional initiation. Adapted from the eponymous novel, Good boy is a shameless and guilty performance about self-exposure through desire – desire which has its dark side too, like an illness – but also, indirectly, through literature.

Antoine Charbonneau-Demers’s literary project is all about using the imaginary to observe reality. Based on classical themes, he creates a personal phantasmagoria, between social novel and autobiographical fiction.

Ideation, text and performance Antoine Charbonneau-Demers Direction Karyane Bilodeau Photo Christian Leduc Video teaser Antoine Charbonneau-Demers

Monument-National – Cabaret du 4e
31.058:30 pm
01.063 pm