The OFF.Radio is developed in conjunction with the festival programming. Every day, speakers from various disciplines present unique content through panels and discussions, prompting the reflection on art and the world. Recorded live at the Balustrade of the Monument-National, the radio program will also be available across the festival’s different platforms and podcasts. Join us every evening, a free meal is also served everyday during the recording!

Hosted by Catherine Chabot
In collaboration with Magnéto
Magnéto works at conceiving, creating and broadcasting podcast radio creations. Through the (re)discovery of radio creation, Magnéto wants to expose unfamiliar voices and work the medium with sensitivity.

Le travail
With Vincent de Repentigny + Mathilde Maillard + Samuel Hackwill + guests

La météo
With Anita Rochon + Erin Hill + Sam Bourgault + Isabella Leone + guests

L’art et l’enfance
With projets hybris + a kids panel + guests

With Emmanuelle Nizou (BE) + Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard + guests

Le sensible
With Jasmine Catudal + Dominique Leblanc-Bolduc + guests

27—31.055 pm