Sunrise Commitment

Erin Hill

Sunrise Commitment - Jean Bui & Sydney McManus

Sunrise Commitment invites an audience to wake up and come together one hour before the sun is set to rise. In a daring, hungry and weak moment, they meet and bathe in the shifting morning light together. They gather outside with tea and blankets, check their heartbeats and gaze to the distance. Emerging on the horizon in repetitive flows, heating up in relation to the oncoming rays, is a duet danced between two people and the Sun.

Sunrise Commitment developed out of Hill’s year-long daily practice of watching the sun rise, and is accompanied by the self-published book O.

Erin Hill was born in Aylmer, Quebec, and grew up in a house where the sunrise streams in through the kitchen window, from behind the pines. She works with long duration movement and writing practices, and collaborates with non-human entities such as radio waves, magic and the sun. She holds a Masters from DasArts (NL), and her work has been presented in festivals across Canada, in New York, Amsterdam, Austria, Germany and Lebanon.

Choreography Erin Hill Danced by Kelly Keenan, Rebecca Rehder Photo Thomas Lenden Video teaser Erin Hill, Charlie Prince With the support of DAS Theatre (NL)

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