LA SERRE – arts vivants

Administrative Director and Co-Executive Director
Éva Patenaude

Artistic Director and Co-Executive Director
Claudel Doucet

Artistic Development Manager
Manuel Shink

Production Manager
Rachel Locas

Administration Manager
Stella Gauthier-Parent

Communications and Philanthropic Development Manager
Maude-Hélène Brouard

Communications Coordinator and Social Media Manager
Jean-Christophe Leblanc

Board Members

Alexandre Seers Provencher
Paul Langlois
Suzanne Coupal
Joanne Chevrier
Marianne Fortier-Landry
Vincent de Repentigny
Camille Larivée
Handy Yacinthe
Lourdes Rodriguez del Barrio


Programming Committee
Nindy Banks, DADA, arkadi lavoie lachapelle, Baco Lepage-Acosta, Michael Martini, Claudel Doucet

Production Manager
Delphine Rochefort-B.

Technical Director
Guillaume Lafontaine-Moisan

Content and Translation Manager
Alegría Gobeil

Box Office coordinator
Basile Herrmann Philippe

Production Assistant
Lya Langlois

Volunteer Welcome Coordinator

Graphic Design

Teaser video
Albédo – Sandrick Mathurin


LA SERRE would like to thank its board members : Alexandre Seers Provencher, Paul Langlois, Suzanne Coupal, Joanne Chevrier, Marianne Fortier-Landry, Vincent de Repentigny, Camille Larivée, Handy Yacinthe et Lourdes Rodriguez del Barrio.

The team also thanks
Eveline Gagnon and the team at Centre de psychologie Gouin, as well as Jessie Mill, Martine Dennewald and the FTA team.

Finally, special thanks to our volunteers for their help and to our many partners, without whom the festival could not exist.