She’s Late // A Curious Show (On tour)

Camille Lacelle-Wilsey + Nien Tzu Weng
Double Fantasy


How have you been?

Wanna take a walk with me?

Double Fantasy invites you to go into your body, feel the gravity, smell the breeze, touch the wind, and observe your surroundings.
Open your door 20 times slower, say hello to the windows, wink to the dogs and _____.
When your weight gently touches the ground, it pumps motivation into your brain. Let us reflect on our presences with every living thing and let the sun shine on our senses, giving our eyes more depth than RGB.

As we are navigating in this timeless world, we would like to share with you a score for adventure. It is an invitation for a walk designed to guide you through the journey of poetry, play, imagination and unknown.

A collaboration between the choreographers Camille Lacelle-Wilsey and Nien Tzu Weng, Double Fantasy investigates gravity forces through unpredictable tasks. They question how to engage with risks and discover that surprise and tension can be allies in the composition of a project. Imperfection and errors, inherent to their try-outs, allow natural movements to emerge.

Co-creation and performance Camille Lacelle-Wilsey + Nien Tzu Weng Trumpet Laura Heather Jeffery Photo Double Fantasy
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22.056:36 pmWalking performance

Access and participation information will be sent to pass holders in a newsletter on the morning of the performance.