Coffee Machine

Professional conversations

All year round, the team of LA SERRE – arts vivants gathers next to the coffee machine in the morning to discuss the planning of the day.

Echoing this tradition, during OFFTA, in collaboration with the networks La danse sur les routes du Québec and Les Voyagements-théâtre de création en tournée, we offer a series of five convivial meetings by videoconference to discuss perspectives in live art in light of the current crisis.

To do so, we invited inspiring colleagues, representatives of organizations that present and support creation from the local to the international level, to share their ideas on the issues that we will face in the future.

Based on the reflections proposed by emeritus professor Bruno Latour, we invited them to discuss the following questions:

What are we attached to? What do we wish to see disappear? What can we imagine and make for the live art of tomorrow?

Simultaneous translation available in French and in English

Meetings moderated by:
Vincent de Repentigny – LA SERRE – arts vivants + Caroline Lavoie – Les Voyagements-théâtre de création en tournée + Émilie Martel – La danse sur les routes du Québec

To participate:
OFFTA’s Coffee Machines – Professional Conversations are open to arts and culture professionals with a pass (artists, cultural workers). The practical details of participation will be communicated to you a few days prior to the first meeting. For more information, contact Céline Coutable, Development Coordinator, at

25.05.20   Creative residencies

With :
Jasmine Catudal – Théâtre de la Ville (Longueuil, Quebec) + Stéphanie Thériault – Théâtre du Bic (Rimouski, Quebec) + Pierre-Antoine Lafon-Simard – Le Trillium (Ottawa, Canada) + Mylène Lauzon – La Bellone (Brussels, Belgium) + Ariadna Miquel Arasa – El Graner (Barcelona, Spain).

In French

26.05.20   Festivals

With :
Emile Beauchemin, Mois Multi (Quebec, Quebec) + Laura Nanni – SummerWorks Performance Festival (Toronto, Canada) + Anna Gallagher-Ross – Fusebox Festival (Austin, United States) + LJ Findlay-Walsh – Take Me Somewhere et DIG-Dance International Glasgow Festival (Glasgow, Scotland) + Carla Nobre-Sousa – Alkantara Festival (Lisbon, Portugal).

In English

27.05.20   Local cultural places

With :
Olivier Bertrand – La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines (Montreal, Quebec) + David Laferrière – Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault (Saint-Jérôme, Québec) + Gaston Core – Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona, Spain + Philippe Kauffmann – MARS – Mons arts de la scène (Mons, Belgium).

In French

28.05.20   Publics, physical and economical accessibility

With :
Annie-Claude Coutu-Geoffroy – Théâtre Hector Charland (L’Assomption, Quebec) + Alexandre S. Provencher – Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne (Terrebonne, Quebec) + Bertrand Gilbert (Le Diamant, Quebec) + Johanna Tuukkanen – ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio, Finland) + Filippo Andreatta – OHT (Office for a human theater) et Centrale Fies (Alpes, Italy).

In French and English

29.05.20   International mobility

With :
Vincent de Repentigny – LA SERRE – arts vivants et OFFTA (Montreal, Québec) + Yohayna Hernandez – Laboratorio Escenico de Experimentación Social (Havana, Cuba) + Mathilde Villeneuve – BUDA Kustencentrum (Courtai, Belgium) + Steve Huot – Groupe Danse Partout (Quebec, Quebec) + Selim Ben Safia – Al-Badil (Tunis, Tunisia).

In French


Access and participation information will be sent to artists and professionnals holding pass in a newsletter.