FKA Family Tree

Jordan Brown

A collage of a personal history, un-stitched and re-stitched in various configurations. FKA Family Tree has many arms, tangled and scattered about, and erupts conflicting logics and mixed emotions. Lots of surprises. But what about the history of this feeling, and how’d it arrive here without a name? Here are some words that have come up in the process: dust, dream, garden.

FKA Family Tree is a video adaptation of the piece Family Tree which is currently in creation.

Jordan Brown is an artist and performer. Their practice departs from an interest in collage and applies its logic to the multiplicity of identity, using movement, text, and visual art forms to articulate this sensory experience. Their creative process is body-based and oscillates between somatic approaches, poem-writing, and creating performance environments to inhabit. Jordan’s work has been shown in residency and performance contexts in Berlin, Lisbon, Toronto, and Tokyo, as well as locally in Montreal.

Performance and creation Jordan Brown Dramaturgy Maxine Segalowitz Visual creation support Laila Mestari Translation Émilie Savoie Photo Kinga Michalska

Special thanks to Rafaelle Kennibol Cox & Stephanie Decourteille

Creative residencies MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Espaço Alkantara With the support of Studio 303


27.055pm-5:30pmVideo archive

Access and participation information will be sent to pass holders in a newsletter on the morning of the performance.