Fleshy Sailboat

Lara Oundjian

Feel the sound waves in your bones,
The colour of my daydreams
And the curve of the wind as we dive closer to the earth

Touch the resonance of heavy droplets
of laughter on teeth, the arrival of the train
as I open the gate
and look to the left
and disappear

To listen to the sky
To see around corners, hear across time zones
To feel your flesh, even through glass.

Lara & Co. invites you to walk with us or among us, to land next to or away from us, on a sensorial journey. Part performance, part participatory score, we propose a multi-dimensional experience of an environment. Let’s tune our senses to sail across realities and take pleasure in the unexpected.

Lara is a shapeshifter, a strong and vulnerable feminine flesh sack, a research junkie, a lover of practice sharing, a rigorous skill chaser, and DIY experimenter. She works on the How and What of change. Transformation is the underlying event of her creative process, the recurring ghost of her fascinations. She approaches dance as a practice of relationality, the body as a porous entity dynamically entangled with its environment.

Choreographed and performed by Lara Oundjian Sound design Guillaume Létourneau In collaboration with Maria Kefirova + Justin de Luna + Louise Michel Jackson Photo Lara Oundjian


30.053 pmWalking performance

Access and participation information will be sent to pass holders in a newsletter on the morning of the performance.