Nadia Myre + Johanna Nutter

In codiffusion with MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

Bringing together two old friends, STRIKE/THRU is an interdisciplinary encounter between indigenous visual artist Nadia Myre and settler theatre artist Johanna Nutter. In videoconference, six members of the audience are invited to reconstruct a recorded conversation between culturally-mixed people while the two artists use each other to explore the identity constructs raised by the verbatim. A live impetus for conciliation and reconciliation, this work speaks to the current climate around Indigenous/Settler relations.

This project received financial support from the MAI Alliance Program (2016-2017) and this event is an excerpt of the performance that was supposed to be presented at MAI in May 2020, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

creature/creature is a creation and event association mandated to set up live art encounters between established divisions. We call something a creature if we don’t know what it is: the word evokes curiosity, alertness, hospitality, and possibly danger. This state of newness is where we want to be when we make and experience art.

Creation Nadia Myre + Johanna Nutter Dramaturg collaborator Jacob Wren Costume and set design collaborator Elen Ewing Video consultant Brian Gardiner Sound consultant Eric Powell Somatic Guide Bernard Fontbuté Arrivals Legacy Guide Diane Roberts Production assistant and stage management Natjelly Lozada + Tasha Chartrand Technical director Alexis Gagnon Photo Caroline Hayeur Video teaser Araya Everett

Production creature/creature With the support of Fondation Cole + Playwrights Workshop Montreal Creative residencies MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) + Vermont Arts Centre + Canada Council for the Arts

28.055pm-5:45pmVideoconference (FR/EN)

Access and participation information will be sent to pass holders in a newsletter on the morning of the performance.