SLippery SLit

Nate Yaffe

touch the wood. which tree did it come from? touch yourself. 

feel your sinus gasp open. nobody chooses their body. leave your self, don’t look back. great job. you are very good at this. 

I’ve been waiting for your call for so long. the air between us sizzles, our mouths above the receivers. 

I want you to move with me. no one cares what it looks like anymore. it’s good to be forgotten. just follow my breath. your house, your rules, you can’t be wrong. I’m proud of you. you’re doing great. 

Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx and I’ll talk to you. relieve yourself from your intelligent thoughts. you deserve it. Come with me and we’ll move beyond.

Nate Yaffe is an experimental dancer, theatre and video artist, based in Montreal who researches queer strategies to create relational choreographic structures, placing performance as fundamentally a social exchange. His tactile dances dismantle movement shame through un-correcting the self-censored body. He is also one of the co-artistic directors of Je suis Julio and the curator of the residency series This is actively built, which brings together queer artists to attack the question “what is queer dance?”

Performance and choreography Nate Yaffe Traduction Georges-Nicolas Tremblay Photo Eve Stainton

26.053pm-3:30pmPhone call (EN)
26.054pm-4:30pmPhone call (FR)
26.059pm-9:30pmPhone call (EN)
26.0510pm-10:30pmPhone call (FR)

Access and participation information will be sent to pass holders in a newsletter on the morning of the performance.