Menuentakuan + Omer St-Onge + Grégoire Canapé + HUB Studio


Tshimushuminutsh is an informal agora where Indigenous Elders meet with interested audiences to share their teachings and testimonies. By combining telepresence and oral tradition, Menuentakuan and HUB Studio propose an experience in which digital technology and human sensibility coexist and exalt one another. In this democratic transmission space, the benevolence of Elders offers a unique perspective on the world, through its territory, its culture and its language.

Grégoire Canapé is an Innu Elder from the Pessamit community who lives and teaches in his native land. He was recently featured in the series Les vrais héros and Rite de passage. Native of Maliotenam, Omer St-Onge is an author, a trapper, a hunter and a high-sea crab fisherman. A survivor of the residential schools, he was involved as a support person during testimonies for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

With the aim of creating and supervising intimate and meaningful exchanges between the cultural realities of indigenous and non-indigenous people, Menuentakuan tackles creation as a way of highlighting the importance of Indigenous people’s perspectives on universal and contemporary themes. The troupe was co-founded in 2015 by theatre artists and now co-directors Marco Collin, Charles Bender and Zavier Huard.

HUB Studio’s team is specialized in creating works and experiences anchored in reality, but which captivate the imagination of audiences. With its mastery of stage arts and technologies and its desire to integrate narrations that question social meanings and issues, HUB Studio seeks to engage with audiences through memorable emotions and moments. HUB Studio has produced several events, as well as performing arts projects and installations in public or private spaces, by telling stories that place humankind at the heart of the discussion.

A coproduction of
Menuentakuan + HUB Studio

With the participation of
Omer St-Onge + Grégoire Canapé

Gonzalo Soldi (HUB Studio) + Xavier Huard

Photo Credit
Thomas Payette (HUB Studio)

Xavier Huard

Photo credit
Thomas Payette


28.057pm Online broadcast