Still Life

Claude Breton-Potvin + Chantal Dupuis


Still Life is an in situ theatrical performance combining movement, text and video, featuring two women and two couches in two different cities. One in Berlin, the other in Montreal, the two performers unite through the magic of video to create a clumsy and crazy choreography. In a seemingly banal and mundane space, a surreal universe appears to offer a comical and absurd look at the world around us.

Claude and Chantal are both actresses who graduated from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. In addition to performing in several plays, they develop their own projects in writing, stage design and dance. Claude is interested in immersive theatre, physical performance and festive art, while Chantal writes fairy tales that mix intimacy and fantasy. Together, they explore how the simple and the mundane can turn into joy and transcendence.

Ideation, performance, text and staging
Claude Breton-Potvin + Chantal Dupuis

Claude Breton-Potvin + Chantal Dupuis + Maya Gorkin

External perspective
Caroline Boucher-Boudreau

Sound design
Sebastian Pircher

Dramaturgical advisor and external perspective
Étienne Lepage

Movement advisor
Marilyn Perreault

Video design and production
Sebastian Pircher

Video production
Anne-Marie Sylvestre

Direction of photography & photo credit
Guillaume Langlois

Creative residencies
Théâtre Aux Écuries + Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay (Hors les murs program)

Site internet

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