Une caresse animée

François Bouvier


Video windows open and close in an overlap of spaces. A character, addressing the webcam, imagines habitable worlds in order to escape the surrounding chaos. Like a calling at night, I tell you that I love you in order to feel my presence. To bring us together I have become pixels. Since this world has tipped over, I can stay in the present through this relay-course of images and spaces. As if to hook yourself to a moving mass. As if to do something real in a world that’s more and more shapeless.

Originally from Gatineau, François has practiced acrobatics since the age of 5. In his most recent work, he is interested in what emerges when different elements—the acrobatic body, landscapes and digital imagery, personal and collective stories, poetry—are invited to cohabit a space. Working through improvisation, François collects encounters between these elements, weaving a network of relations and repercussions, transforming objects into images and the body into a story.

Performance and costume design
François Bouvier

Assistance to creation
Sebastian Kann

External perspective
Peter James

Tracy Wright (tiré de l’essai Un sentiment d’authenticité de Jacob Wren)

Danilo De Campos Pacheco

François Bouvier

Creation residency
Place des Artistes de Farrellton + L’Avant-Première


04.069pmOnline broadcasting