Give Me a Fucking Break

Guillaume B.B.


Using the myth of the vampire both as a queer avatar and as a method of constructing narratives, Give me a Fucking Break is a subversion of the vampiric code that tends to depict shared symbols, disseminating poetic clues that all point towards speculative new horizons. In it performers animate allegorical spaces and digitally altered voices, sound montages, repurposed objects and readings from various texts through intertwining stories populated by replicating anthropoid vampires like lichen vampires, mushroom vampires or debt-dodging vampires.

Guillaume B. B.’s work weaves together comedy, cover songs and readings in DIY installation and sound environments nearly beyond repair. She develops methodological spaces for exchanges in which she invites her friends to parody themselves with structures that foster play, irreverence and instability, allowing for a hyper-porosity between performers and the audiences.

Guillaume B.B + Sarah Chouinard-Poirier + eli del + Alegria Gobeil + Melusine Bonillo

Staging and installation
Guillaume B.B

Technical Directione
Guillaume Lafontaine-Moisan

Typographic intervention
eli del

Sound Design
Sammy Halimi

Photo credit
Dominic Leclerc


06.068:30pmOnline broadcasting