Why, Gahd, WHY?!

House of Gahd


Who could have foreseen all of this – a world in chaos? The Gahds! Mistresses of drag, camp, and drama; using mystic tools and ancient arts; conjuring a new, life-altering cabaret with each performance! Prepare to sacrifice yourself upon the glamorous and ridiculous altar of pop-culture. Down which path will the tarot guide you? Only the Gahds can untangle the glittering webs of the fates and save the world!… or your love life, or whatever…

House of Gahd is born from the creatives behind House of Laureen. Uma Gahd and Selma Gahd focus their energies on new creations and productions exploring drag, politics, and humanity as a lived experience. Drag is more than glitz and glamour, it is DIVINE!

Uma Gahd + Selma Gahd

Scenography and Lighting design
Laura-Rose Grenier

Matt Ayotte

05.069:30pmOnline broadcasting