marion paquette + clara cousineau


demi-mesure takes form during the first wave of the pandemic, in a big empty garage. In a poetic and playful way, the project takes the pulse of the consequences of this “new norm” that has imposed itself in our daily lives and more particularly regarding the Other. demi-mesure features two entities with opposite universes. Between function and fiction, encounter devices materialize a poetry of the distance. The protagonists engage in an exploration of opposition and complementarity dynamics in which points of tensions emerge. Over the interactions, colors interferes and acts as an intermediate space of sharing, complicity and convergence.

demi-mesure brings together the practices of clara cousineau and marion paquette, their collaborative body of work coming to life through a multidisciplinary approach that combines sculpture, performance art and video documentation. Both artists explore the potential of the “in-between condition” within in situ contexts via activatable sculptural objects. Oscillating between opposition and complementarity, these “half-measure” works underscore the effects of various interactions between distinct polarities.

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marion paquette + clara cousineau

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marion paquette + clara cousineau

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