In response to Vulnerable Paradoxes

PME ART + collaborators

Inspired by the roundtables that took place last year at OFFTA, In response to Vulnerable Paradoxes invited the artists, witnesses and organizing committee to write about their experience in any way they wished, gathering the texts together in a free online publication. A vital compendium of writing and thinking about performance, politics and life. The publication will be launched with an online version of Relay-Interview, allowing everyone to ask questions in response to each other’s contributions.

Through performances, installations, conferences, and public process, the work of PME-ART examines the performance situation with considerable openness to artistic co-creators and audiences. Presented in more than fifty cities over the last twenty years, past performances include Every Song I’ve Ever Written and The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information.

The event will be in both French and English. If you would like live translation into English, please send an email to

For the Relay-Interview :

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In collaboration with
LA SERRE – arts vivants

With the participation of
Aisha Sasha John + Burcu Emeç + Dayna Danger + Elena Stoodley + Kama La Mackerel + Kamissa Ma Koïta + Lara Kramer + Mai thi Bach Ngoc Nguyen + Malik Nashad Sharpe + Marilou Craft + Milton Lim + nènè myriam konaté + Po B. K. Lomami + Sonia Hughes

Organizing Committee
Burcu Emeç + Fabien Marcil + Jacob Wren + Kamissa Ma Koïta + Richard Ducharme + Sylvie Lachance

Sylvie Lachance + Richard Ducharme + Fabien Marcil

Visual identity
Kamissa Ma Koïta

Traduction and interpretation
Marie Claire Forté

With the support of
Conseil des arts du Canada + Canadian Heritage + Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec + Conseil des arts de Montréal + Goethe-Institut

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