Luz : Terre

Sonia Bustos


How can we mend our bodies after having lived through fear and sadness? After denouncing and fighting against abuse, how can we turn that pain into light? Luz : Terre is a collective mending act in which the healing words of Mexican women resonate through the hands of six embroiderers to sow new hope. This project is part of the LUZ (Dentelle, Echo, Terre), which aims to connect plural communities by inhabiting various spaces.

An excerpt of this project will be presented at the OFFTA, which proposes the active participation of six people (embroiderers) who identifying themselves as women or belonging to gender minorities.

Sonia Bustos. Mexican-born performer and creator, she is deeply interested in socio-political engagement as well as the recognition accorded to the performer’s creative work. Her artistic research is focused on women’s issues, Latin America’s third root *, memory, theatricality and the relationship between the performer and the audience.

    • *The third root is a reference to the acknowledgement of the sociocultural presence and contribution of African descent communities in Latin America; communities who arrived as slaves and who live in relative invisibility still today.

Ideation, choreography and performance
Sonia Bustos

Yohayna Hernández

Sound artist
Moe Clark

Technical direction
Catherine FP

Vanessa Fortin

With the support of
Conseil des arts du Canada

Creation residencies
Maison de la Culture Rosemont-Petite-Patrie + Maisons de la Culture Plateau-Mont-Royal + CCOV (Centre de création O Vertigo)

Luz : Dentelle will be presented at Tangente in November 2021

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