Élégante chair

Soraïda Caron


Bodies seem frozen, rooted in the earth like abstract monuments. Inspired by the glass sculptures of artist Ito Laïla Le François, Élégante chair draws its gestures from the same sculptural forms. In this room, flesh and glass meet and unite to discover their hidden language, their physicalities resonating with one another like entangled entities. The body turns into an improbable half-human half-landscape territory, developing a new way of moving, to become this elegant flesh.

In my practice, I seek to re-nature the human body either through costume, prop, video, sculpture or through movement itself. These processes give birth to forms often devoid of human character. I like to talk about body territories here. Because I find in these explorations new landscapes or even hybrid beings

A production of
Mars elle danse

Ideation, choreography, direction, costume design and production management
Soraïda Caron

Geneviève Duong + Valérie Pitre

Frédéric Boivin

Ito Laïla Lefrançois + Soraïda Caron

Lighting design, technical management and stage management
Philippe Dick

Sound design
Raphaël D’Amours

Glass artist
Ito Laïla Lefrançois

External perspective
Esther Carré

Photo credit
Stéphane Bourgeois

With the support of
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec + Programme de partenariat territorial du Bas-Saint-Laurent + Conseil des arts du Canada

Artist residencies
Maison pour la danse de Québec + Centre d’art du Kamouraska + Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague


05.067:30pmOutdoor performance + Online broadcasting