Chambres [premier cycle]

Katia-Marie Germain

Double feature
29.05 8pm
30.05 1pm
40 + 35 min
Édifice Wilder – Espace danse
Espace vert

Taking as a starting point the effect of colour on our perception, Chambres [premier cycle] explores our relationship to intimacy, memory and habits. Under shifting colours, the scenes presented slowly morph into abstraction – making the commonplace and the extraordinary meet in a choreographic and visual panorama. Intimacy opens up to the exterior; a room becomes an intriguing landscape. Between dance and visual arts, performance and choreographic installation, Chambres [premier cycle] is the first phase of a larger project that evolves with different performers.

Katia-Marie Germain
Katia-Marie Germain is a choreographer and performer based in Montreal. In an interdisciplinary approach, she uses visual arts composition strategies to further explore the choreographic field. Through precise movement, scenography and light, she creates environments that play with the perceptions of the dancer and the spectator, leading to moments of wonder and contemplation.