HéTéROTOPIAS – Unknown Species

Sarah Wendt + Pascal Dufaux

28.05 7pm – 10pm
75 min Ongoing
Parc du Mont-Royal
The Glades 

How to get there?

A first ongoing performance will take place from 7pm to 8:15pm (without projection).
A second ongoing performance will start at 8:30 pm and last until 10 pm (with projection).

HéTéROTOPIAS – Unknown Species, is a work in which the movements of dancers and costume-sculptures merge into strange creatures, straddled between abstraction and figuration, whose surfaces are constantly changing, unfolding in infinity.

Heterotopia, from the ancient Greek: tópos (place) and from héteros (other) – the term was proposed in 1967 by the philosopher Michel Foucault to describe the utopian micro-spaces that exist within society but outside its social norms; worlds within the world that inspire new perceptions and behavior.

Sarah Wendt + Pascal Dufaux
Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux share an artistic practice where visual arts and dance meet. Since 2016, their collaborative methodology seeks to imbue their projects with strange forms of temporality and heightened articulations of labour to draw forward an environment that melds fantastic to reality. In their work, moving images meet choreography and sculpture to create a pop apocalyptic world, crossed by surrealist and hybrid presences. Their work has been presented at artist-run centres, museums and dance festivals in Canada, Belgium and in the UK. They live and work as uninvited guests on the traditional land of the Haudenosaunee, Mohawk and St. Lawrence Iroquoian in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal.

The collaborators

Nien Tzu Weng is a Taiwanese-Canadian interdisciplinary dance artist based in Montréal. She aims to build bridges between disciplines, pursuing an experimental approach to contemporary dance. Her projects have been shared in Node Digital Festival (Frankfurt, DE), Biennale Némo (Paris, FR), Ars Electronica (Linz, AUT), Les Percéides (Percé, QC), SummerWorks (Toronto, ON), 1-act SHIFT Theatre (Vancouver, BC) as well as in Montreal, OFFTA (Fonderie Darling), Elektra (SAT), Akousma (Usine C), Tangente Danse and Studio 303.

Karen Fennell is a contemporary dance artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. As a performer and choreographer she works on a diversity of projects for stage, video, installation, and site-specific performance. Notable collaborations include choreographers Dana Gingras, Martin Messier, Tedd Robinson, Sasha Kleinplatz and Maria Kefirova, musician Jackie Gallant, and visual art duos Chloe Lum & Yannick Desranleau and Sarah Wendt & Pascal Dufaux. She is also currently pursuing the creation of her first full-length solo work.

Lucy Fandel is a dance artist and writer based in Tio’tia:ke/Montréal who grew up between Massachusetts and southern France. Often at the intersection of social, scientific and artistic movement, her site-specific and stage work has been shown in Canada and abroad. She has performed in works by Wendt + Dufaux, Allison Moore, Chloe Hart and the collective As They Strike, among others.