Aurélie Pedron | Lilith & Cie

Aurélie Pedron | Lilith & Cie
from 26.05 at 5PM to 29.05 at 5PM
72 h Ongoing
LAVI – Laboratoire Arts Vivants et Interdisciplinarité

*Durational performance. Spectators are invited to come back several times during the performance – day and night – to see its evolution.

Over the course of 72 hours, Invisible creates a shared celebratory space inviting the audience, 9 performers and a dog to play, exchange and connect. In joyous complicity, spectators are called to experience the continuum of time and nourish the work’s transformation through different interventions.

Here, temporality is what leads the work. Far from praising exhaustion, this piece is a passage that requires the strength of the group to overcome limits and thresholds, whether they are personal or collective.

Co-presented with Danse-Cité, LAVI – Laboratoire Arts Vivants et Interdisciplinarité, Département de danse de l’UQAM.

Aurélie Pedron | Lilith & Cie
Somewhere between installation, choreography and performance, Aurélie Pedron’s works frees itself from theatrical traditions. Although she is its instigator, this atemporal piece’s existence relies on the perseverance and the letting go of its participants. More than 20 performers have contributed to this artistic process over 5 years. Their presence and investment in this piece have fostered a way of working which puts listening at its center. It acts as the central atom of this complex work that highlights the intelligence of the collective.