Le gardien des enfants

JJ Houle + Charles Voyer | Le Théâtre indépendant

Mohammadreza Akrami
JJ Houle + Charles Voyer | Le Théâtre indépendant
02.06 8pm
03.06 1pm
30 + 45 min
Théâtre Prospero
Salle intime

Le gardien des enfants is a theatrical performance that works with the traces left by violence on the bodies and minds of those who suffer it. Alone on stage, Charles Voyer recounts confused and painful memories. Going through traumatic episodes – the repeated sexual abuse he endured in daycare; his violent encounter with a website presenting snuff movies during his adolescence – he tries to understand, before our eyes, these events that have affected his growth and that still inhabit him.

JJ Houle + Charles Voyer | Le Théâtre indépendant
Le Théâtre indépendant seeks to deploy a dramaturgy of the intimate where personal narratives and fictionalization are intertwined. An integral part of this collective, Charles Voyer and JJ Houle are queer artists whose work finds its place between theater and performance. They strive to awaken the sensitivity of the other through the confrontation of diverse realities.