mon corps est l’océan

Kama La Mackerel

Double feature
31.05 8pm
01.06 1pm
40 + 40 min
MAI (montréal, arts interculturels)

* The double feature on June 1st will be followed by a conversation with public

Inspired by family and ancestral histories, Kama La Mackerel takes a critical look at the colonial legacies of the French language. mon corps est l’océan is a hybrid poem, articulated through rituals, body movement, and spoken word.

This is the second creation of a multilingual triptych, which seeks to call into being a decolonial utterance through what they call “the body of poetry”. The first elaboration of this piece, ZOM-FAM, which was in English, was produced by the MAI as an interdisciplinary performance and published as a collection by Metonymy Press.

Kama La Mackerel
Kama La Mackerel researches interdisciplinarity in their work in order to articulate decolonial and queer vocabularies. Working multilingually in English, French and Mauritian Kreol, they hold a practice in performance art, installation, photography, video and textile arts. They are interested in oceanic narratives, the sovereignty of islands, and ancestral healing. Their body of work questions the colonial notions of time and space in relation to history, power, language, the body and subject formation.