Symposium artistique


Symposium artistique
24.05 – 25.05
LA SERRE – arts vivants
Workshop offered to artists accompanied by LA SERRE

For the OFFTA, LA SERRE – arts vivants sets up initiatives that generate international encounters, and profit to the development of discussions around the practice of the artists supported by the organization, as well as to the question of live art at large.

The symposiums are lively laboratories for artistic cooperation, giving participants the opportunity to put themselves at the service of one another, equip them nurture with playful methodological tools, and take care of their practice. In the days leading to the festival, fifteen artists will take over LA SERRE’s studios to prototype unusual artistic concepts and ideas. The organization’s new spaces will become a playground to work, warm up bodies and minds, and celebrate creative solidarity.

Ce projet est soutenu par le ministère des Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec et le ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères de la République française, dans le cadre de la Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise.

Maxime Brillon
Odile Gamache
Julien Fournet
Lorette Moreau
et dix participant.e.s

Ina Mihalache
Célestine Dahan

L’Amicale de production + LA SERRE – arts vivants

With the support of
Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise