Têtard tout au plus

Collectif Tôle

28.05 8pm
29.05 1pm
60 min
Théâtre Aux Écuries

Since the tadpoles’ arrival, no one speaks aloud anymore: everybody emits their thoughts via a system composed of waves and images. Faced with the mourning of her poet mother, the hospitalization of her grandfather and a neighbor who annoys her with his generator, a former cyber-sports champion takes flamenco classes in the hope of recovering her body and speech.

Têtard tout au plus is an immersive poetry piece that mixes literature, music, theater, and virtual universe. After taking the form of an audiobook and a video game, the project is now in its stage version.

Collectif Tôle
Tôle creates live art performances by cultivating a horizontal working method and an interdisciplinary dramaturgy. The collective constantly renews its collaborators to experiment new lanes and to draw on ancient and recent expertise. At once political and mystical – therefore being “polystical” – Tôle spreads out, like seaweed, and feasts on the supernatural juices of its research to offer the public all the seriousness that underlines the joy of creating hacked universes together.