Workgroup for collaborative curating

Groupe de travail sur le commissariat collaboratif
HAUT (DK) + Kai Merke
Inter Arts Center (SE) + Filip Vest
Workspacebrussels (BE) + Catherine Mora
LA SERRE – arts vivants (QC) + Emile Pineault

For the OFFTA, LA SERRE arts vivants sets up initiatives that generate international encounters, and profit to the development of discussions around the practice of the artists supported by the organization, as well as to the question of live art at large.

This partnership brings together LA SERRE and international partners to mutually redefine their relationship to curating, and deepen their understanding of collaborative processes. The artists and programmers in the group will exchange with the aim of developing a more inclusive, transparent and decentralized form of curatorship. They will meet at the OFFTA to get in touch with the artistic milieu of Montreal, and its particularities.

With the support of MRIF
Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie
Conseil nordique des ministres