An undisciplined space for exchange and encounters, OFF.Radio extends the reflections and themes that run through the festival and the creative context in which it takes place. Conceived as a sounding board sensitive to the issues conveyed by the presented artworks, and what they reveal about art and the world, the OFF.Radio welcomes local and distant voices in order to share and spread ideas.

In collaboration with Magnéto

Magnéto is the first Quebec organization dedicated to the conception, production and broadcasting of radio creations in podcast format. A leader in the field, Magnéto contributes to the dynamism of the discipline and its recognition by the general public and institutions.

Season 3

Occupying time(s)
Three podcasts to open, together, a common space dedicated to the exploration of time(s), between hyper-present and desirable futures. Designed as an attentive listening room to the troubling context in which the 14th edition of the festival is taking place, the OFF.Radio brings together shared reflections and reveries on temporalities to practice, to occupy and also to reinvent.

32 minutes avec Jonathan Martineau
In this interview, Jonathan Martineau, author of L’Ère du temps. Modernité capitaliste et aliénation temporelle (Lux Éditeur), returns to his research devoted to the history of our relationship to time - “times of social relations and power relations, time of value, productive time and product of institutions” - and puts them back into play in light of the present.
With Émilie Martz-Kuhn + Jonathan Martineau
32 questions sur l’instant
In the form of a poetic montage, this choral podcast gives a voice to the artistic community gathered around this 14th edition of the OFFTA. An invitation to introspection and dreaming, based on the answers given by guest artists to 32 questions about the moment, imagined for the occasion.
With Mélanie Binette + François Bouvier + Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle + Yohayna Hernández + Dominique Leclerc + Émilie Martz-Kuhn + Johanna Nutter + Gislina Patterson + Aurélie Pedron + Davis Plett + Andrea Spaziani + Jacob Wren

Poetic Montage: Claudine Vachon

Performative reading: Pascal Fioramore + Claudine Vachon

To extend your listening time:
32 spéculations pour jour fictif

The result of a correspondence around a fictional day, activated as an email chain, this podcast proposes to listen to invented times.
With Oscar Cornago + Marfrey Cruz Medina + Fernanda Correa Larramendi + Karine Damaso Guimaraes + María del Pilar González + Jorge Díaz + Marien Fernández Castillo + Ernesto Fernández Montalvo + Martine Freedman + Adrian Garcia Morales + Marie-Jeanne Lacroix + Daniel Gonzalez Mendez + Daniel Hernández + Yohayna Hernández + Christel Jacob + Denis Lacroix + Jonathan Laroche + Marie-Eve Laroche+ Katia Martineau + Jean Martz + Émilie Martz-Kuhn + José Ramón Hernández Suárez + Ela Vazquez Alfonso + Juan Miguel Vivar + Floriann Wiatrowski

Interpretation: Anne-Catherine Lebeau + Martine Robertson + Arno et Romy Sirois.

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Season 2

Un travail sensible
How do we work? How does work affect us? What gets us through our daily work? Five programs which, from weather forecasts to black magic and global economy, embrace these questions with participants from various backgrounds.

Hosted by Catherine Chabot
We spend more than half our lives working, but how do we actually do it? For whom do we do it? And to what purpose? The goal of work is to modify natural elements, to create new things or ideas. How does our profession affect us? And how does WORK influence the world?
With Yves-Marie Abraham + Audrey Murray + Vincent de Repentigny + Mathilde Maillard
Weather Forecasts
Climate, weather and all meteorological conditions dictate the course of our lives as much as they allow us to take the pulse, on a daily basis, of the impact we have on the planet. More than just a forecast on the news, WEATHER FORECASTS fascinate and shape us, both individually and collectively.
With Anita Rochon + Suzanne Gariépy + Isabella Leone + Erin Hill
Art and Childhood
Are we introduced to art at a sufficiently young age? What kinds of audience members are we as children and, as we grow older, as adults? How do you explain the openness of some children to art and others not? The experience of ART AND CHILDHOOD comes in much more complex areas than we think.
With Danièle Simon (projets hybris) + Hannah Sybille Müller + Béatrice Brault
The Economy
Quel est le rôle de l’économie, son but? Magie noire pour certains, opportunité d’affaire pour d’autres, l’économie englobe tous nos secteurs d’activités. Du travail à la nourriture, nous sommes contraints d’administrer les ressources nécessaires à l’existence. Et bien qu’elle semble immatérielle et réservée aux experts, L’ÉCONOMIE est d’abord et avant tout une activité humaine.
With Emmanuelle Nizou + Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard + Julia Posca + Ianik Marcil
The Sensitive
What imprint is the world leaving on us? What traces do we leave behind? We are in constant resonance with our environment. And yet, are we able to see beyond material experience? Often imperceptible, THE SENSITIVE shapes our relationship to the world, to things, to others.
With Erik Bordeleau + Marie-Sophie Banville + Jasmine Catudal

Season 1

A series of programmes to pay attention to what creates breaches in our world. Through panels, discussions and micro-performances, guests from here and abroad attempt to redefine, together, small gaps and wide separations.

Hosted by Morena Prats
How does the concept of border (disciplinary, thematic, geographical) come into play in creative processes? How does this issue unfold within the framework of the OFFTA? In this very first radio show, guests will discuss the border’s multiple facets and how it influences and takes root in creative work.
With the festival Co-direction and artists of the 12th edition: Maxime Brillon, Geneviève Labelle, Sarah Wendt et Roxa Hy
moteur – un sacre
Enora Rivière’s projects are often conceived in two parts: both as a choreography and as a book. This radio show will be devoted to the reading of excerpts from Moteurs – un sacre, the literary counterpart to the play moteur, presented during the festival.
With Enora Rivière
Activating collective memory around the imaginations and discourses from the Total Refusal manifesto
The three curators of the exhibition Refus contraire explain their curatorial approach which brings together visual arts and live art, discussing with the artist Kamissa Ma Koïta about her work Nous serons universel.le.s.
With the curators Doriane Biot, Véronique Hudon and Camille Richard, Pascale Drevillon and Kamissa Ma Koïta
Interdisciplinary conversation
Developed in collaboration with the Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en arts vivants (GRIAV), this radio show will discuss issues that arise from the 2018 programming.
With researchers from Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en arts vivants (GRIAV) : Johanna Bienaise, Marie-Christine Lesage, Manon Levac, Chantal Provost and Angélique Willkie
Issues of choreographic archiving
How do we approach the trace of a choreographic work? Artists and researchers will discuss archiving and documentation in relation to dance.
With Mélanie Demers, Marc Boivin, Lise Gagnon et Gabrielle Larocque
Circus and interdisciplinarity
Circus artists discuss new hybrid practices in their field and the reasons that drive them towards performing these mutations.
With Emile Pineault, Claudel Doucet et Andréanne Leclerc
Collaborative prototyping
Inspired by the Symposiums artistiques collaboratifs of L’Amicale de production, the OFFTA symposium brings together three French artists and two Quebec artists to discuss their ongoing projects. They will present the outcomes of their exchanges in this radio show.
With Antoine Defoort, Amélie Dallaire, Brice Noeser, Sofia Teillet et Samuel Hackwill
Researchers in residency
Researchers of the Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en arts vivants (GRIAV) will infiltrate the OFFTA’s creative residencies and initiate discussions with the artists. For this second radio show organized by GRIAV, the researchers will address questions that arose during the various events they attended.
With researchers from Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en arts vivants (GRIAV): Julien Blais, Charlotte Lheureux, Maude Lafrance, Morena Prats, Marine Theunissen and Johanna Bienaise
Creating around walls and border issues
At the crossroads between art, architecture and university research, three pairs of a researcher and an artist have created works using, the walls that stand between us as a starting point. From Toronto, Brussels and Montreal, they meet here to discuss the paths that have emerged from their encounters.
With the artists and researchers from the MixOFF: Lola Sheppard, Mason White, Elisabeth Vallet, Elly Van Eeghem, Mylène de Repentigny-Corbeil, Adam Kinner and Thalia D’Aragon Giguère