She Cut Her Own Belly Open

Joliz Dela Peña

She Cut Her Own Belly Open
Joliz Dela Peña
Collectif Dîmes I Eruoma Awashish + Nahka Bertrand + Sarah Cleary + Sarah Zakaib

L’Arène, Théâtre Aux Écuries
45 + 25 min.

June 1-2, 7pm

This performance art piece is a commentary on the romanticization of marginalized people’s resilience and perseverance in overcoming biased systemic conditions. It alludes to the collective yet not monolithic experiences of people of color, immigrants and marginalized people of being constantly tokenized. Through the traditional practice of serenade, this piece reveals the societal gaze that undermines the voices of marginalized people during a crisis by praising their resilience. It considers how this applause only shifts the focus away from the real task at hand: looking for solutions and initiating change.

Joliz Dela Peña is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist from the Philippines, currently based in Tiohtià:ke. Intimate connection to memories, identity, and diaspora are recurring themes in Dela Pena’s practice. Through performance and installations, she pursues to relive reality, explore its complexities, and translate invisible tension into various visual and tactile qualities. Through collaborating with composer Oscar Robertson, she aims to intertwine sound and visual art to explore potentialities and limitations of corporeal endurance to better express and disseminate propagations from the stemming interactions.

Conception + performance
Joliz Dela Peña

Collaboration + Composition + Stage management
Oscar Robertson

Loren Cantor
Vincent Bolduc
Juan Duran
Zahya Tetrault-Belanger
Marlie Robertson
Vincent Deit
Ylan Halshtok
Nicolas Lafortune
Béatrice Lortie
Florence Labelle