Slug Meal

Camille Huang

Slug Meal
Camille Huang
Brailler comme une Madelaine
Catherine Desjardins-Béland

Théâtre Denise-Pelletier
50 min + 40 min

May 31, 9pm
June 1, 3pm
June 2, 7pm

This choreographic solo features a performer haunted by the manifestation of a swallowed slug. A slime emerges from the cultural connotations associated with taste and distaste. This performative digestion is an embodied inquiry into intercultural identity, complexifying the notions of purity, belonging, and the implications of “filth” within a feminized Chinese body.

Camille’s work brings together a background in cultural anthropology, dance performance, and a keen eye for composition to form an emerging choreographic journey. As a second generation immigrant as well as the first generation artist in her family lineage, Camille’s work unfolds pluralities-poetic-mixed. Camille composes their performance work with a transdisciplinary ethic.

Content warning
Partial Nudity

Creation + Performance
Camille Huang

Outside Eye
Mélanie Demers
Angélique Willkie

Jenn Mong

Rehearsal Direction
Camil Bellefleur

Sound design
Camille Huang & Victor Burton

With the support of
Canada Council of the Arts

Creation residency
Parbleux Inception Residency

Special thanks to
Angélique Willkie, Mélanie Demers, Mom, Dad, 外婆, 奶奶, Betty Huang, Thalia Danielson, Evelynn Yan, water, books, tenderness.

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Slug Meal
Credit – Camille Huang & Thalia Danielson