Mecdy Mystic Rootz

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) + 45 min

May 24, 7pm
May 25, 3pm* and 7pm

*Followed by a conversation

The incense burns, opening a passage beyond time and space that unveils our memory. Before it closes, Mecdy’s soul, still in the ether, must decide who his parents are. In this meditative solo, the artist lets dance respond to his inquiries. Whether alone or facing an opponent in a battle, on stage or in nature, Mecdy dedicates himself to reach communion through the state of trance. To the rhythm of his energizing breath and hypnotic percussion, he shares the therapeutic effects of his movements.

Mecdy articulates his practice around four concepts that define, for him, the individual: data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Sensory reactions to his environment form the basis of his practice. Processed by his body and brain, this information becomes responses to bodily rhythms, leaving imprints of knowledge. These imprints fuel his reflections on life, creating a dialogue with his environment. Knowledge evolves into wisdom through observation and integration, revealing an inner and outer cosmology. His person and his dance embody this wisdom, aiming to share and disseminate it.
Mecdy Mystic Rootz is the winner of the Prix de la danse de Montréal in the INTERPRÈTE category.

Choreography + Performance
Mecdy Mystic Rootz

Elli Miller Maboungou

Light Design
Benoit Larivière

Frédérique Pax Dumas
Helen Simard

Previous creations
doppelgänger, Tangente, 2018