Jontae McCrory + Brian Mendez

Jontae McCrory + Brian Mendez
Liminal (Metamorphosis_02)

Fred-Barry, Théâtre Denise-Pelletier
60 + 20 min.

June 03, 9pm
June 04, 1pm and 7pm

This multi-categorical performance art piece explores meeting points of intersectional praxis between contemporary stage-work and ballroom culture techniques. It is a context for both artists to examine colonialism’s impact on the Black queer diaspora, as well as their relationship to Black queer subcultures and the mythologies of Black eroticism. Using the space to create a dialogue in flux, they re-imagine the complex and rich nuance of Black queer ideologies and its dissonance in relation to western and eastern exceptionalism.

Jontae McCrory, a native of Detroit, Michigan, began his training at Western Michigan University when he was 19. In 2017, McCrory completed the year-long Dancers Course with BalletBoyz in London, England. McCrory began working with contemporary company RUBBERBAND in 2018, while being invited to perform with the Decidedly Jazz Dance Company later in 2020. Currently, McCrory works with Andrea Pena and Artist, while freelancing in Montreal, QC. McCrory’s works as a filmmaker and choreographer have been featured at the American College Dance Association Gala Concert, Festival Chéries-Chéris-Paris, Cinéma Québec and BBC Network London.

Brian Mendez is a dancer trained in Hip-hop, Waacking and Dancehall originally from and living in Montreal. It was during his studies at the EDCM (2016-2019) that Brian discovered Voguing, a style born in Harlem (New York) by the Latin American and Afro-American LGBTQ+ community. This dance becomes for him a form of expression that brings together an entire community. Brian continues his education on Voguing and its culture in order to share it in Montreal. In addition, he has worked with Sébastien Provencher (Children of Chemistry), Le Carré des Lombes (UNFOLD / 7 perspectives) and more recently with Clara Furey (Dog Rising).

Codirection + Performance
Jontae McCrory + Brian Mendez

Sound Design + Performance

Sound Design Assistant + Performance

Résidence de création
LA SERRE – arts vivants
Centre Culturel de Notre-Dame-Des-Prairies