Le Théâtre indépendant

Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui + 90min

May 30, 8pm*
May 31, 5pm*

*The artists invite you to stay after the performance for a discussion.

Three characters get lost in an unnamed city, drifting amidst anxieties and uncertainties in their nocturnal wandering. In the exploratory phase of this new piece which conjures the ambiance of an existential thriller, the artists delve into disorientation through the spatialization of sound.  Influenced by the author’s transgender identity, the project explores existential themes, causing identity to oscillate in a ballet of unsettling images and fleeting déjà-vus.

The Théâtre indépendant is an interdisciplinary collective whose work stands at the intersection of theater, performance, and visual arts. In the spirit of broadening the scope of our collective narratives, the artists work with personal stories and fiction to portray a queer perspective of life, giving voice to marginalized experiences. The Théâtre indépendant seeks to unfold an intimacy-driven dramaturgy, awakening the audience’s sensibility and confronting diverse realities.

Content warning
Strobe effects, smoke, violent content

Le Théâtre indépendant

JJ Houle

Charles Voyer

Léo Gaudreault

Flavie Lemée

Antoine Racine

Gwendoline Côté
Charles Voyer
Aline Winant

Delegated production
LA SERRE – arts vivants

Infrarouge – Théâtre Prospero – Festival TransAmériques

With the support of
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Conseil des arts de Montréal

Creation residency
LA SERRE – arts vivants
Autres Formes
Gesù, centre de création
Salon 58

Previous creations
Le gardien des enfants, 2022
Quartett solo, 2019