Projet Alterdogs (Claire Pearl et Léonie Bélanger)

Place de la Paix + 4h

Presented continuously
May 31, 4.30pm to 8.30 pm
June 1 , 5pm to 9pm

Co-presented with Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles

No tickets necessary for this event

In this symphonic fusion of long duration, blending dance, improvisation and live-action role-playing, a universe unfolds in the hands of numerous worldbuilders. Avatars CLAIR and LEO freely traverse the ALTERMUNDI across three imaginary landscapes – a futuristic desert, a Space Western village and a racing track. In their unrestrained escapades, they embody a myriad of spirits, categorized into two archetypes: the “wise”; holders of knowledge, and the “fools”; liberated from intellectual constraints.
/by far the riskiest experience of their lives/

Inspired by the methods of worldbuilding, Claire and Léonie engage in the construction of imaginary universes within performance settings. Blurring the boundaries between dance and science fiction, their creative practice is based on improvisation. They focus on the transformation of space and aim to spread their imagined realities with the audience in an immersive experience.