Where Me and My Father Reside

Sam I Am Montolla

Place de la Paix + 25 min
This show is presented in French and English

May 31, 9pm

Co-presented with le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles

No tickets necessary for this event

Delving into her Trinidadian roots and her father’s influence for this piece, Samantha “Sam I Am Montolla” Hinds  explores the steel percussion known as the “Iron”. Through this piece, she aims to deepen familial bonds and cultural understanding by learning to play the instrument and its rhythms. She combines her beat making skills to video, live music production and performance – blending tradition with modern artistic techniques. Through experimentation, collaboration and improvisation, Samantha navigates the complexities of identity and tradition, seeking to authentically learn, share and perform.

Sam I Am Montolla explores singing, music production, movement and sound healing. Starting with jazz ballet, choirs and hip hop dance in the early 90’s, Sam I Am is also one of the 1st waackers and teachers of the style in Canada, also known as Princess Shayla. In music, she plays with soul, R&B, hip hop, and funk – not forgetting her Caribbean heritage. As a sound therapist, she likes connecting sound, movement and wellness.

Creation + Artistic Direction + Performance + Music
Samantha Hinds

Video apparition + Father + Percussions
Edwin O’Neill

Special thanks to
To B-Side by Ebnfloh for the opportunity to explore and start this piece

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