I Have Such a Horrible Voice

Gui B.B

Tangente + 70 min
This show is presented in French and English

May 31, 7pm
June 1, 7pm
June 2, 3pm

In a long spectral corporeal poem, Gui B.B engages in a complex exploration of her experience with debt. She delves into how it is both endured and fought within her own body. The artist establishes a symbolic trans space where she reclaims ambiguity, uncertainty, hyper-vulnerability, and chaos. Thus, she invites us into a haunted space where she confronts the inherent precarity of her indebted life, transforming it into a vital force. Along the way, she exudes her own ghost, offering her body as a sacrifice as it fails to be more than just a system.

Reflecting on performance as a worldbuilding practice, Gui B.B unfolds undisciplined performative statements where theatricality, irony, and the voice emerge as key materials. By engaging in various forms of kinships while exploring a reclaiming dramaturgy of the body, her process brings forth new constellations, potential reconfigurations of dominant narratives. In a profusion of gesture-objects, she creates spaces where the audience can experience nonsense, an eruption of alterations to normative identifications. It is within baroque spaces that she imagines playful “trans-fictions”, poetic narratives where a dissident mythology is crafted.

Content warning
Nudity, Knife, Strong vibrations, Loud music