Philippe Dépelteau

Place de la Paix + 4h

Presented continuously
June 1, 12pm to 4pm*
June 2, 12pm to 4pm

*Accompanied by a discussion at 3 pm

Co-presented with the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles

No tickets necessary for this event

Between perpetual construction and collapse, two performers and some 250 bricks form ephemeral landscapes together. Their encounter traces fragments of houses to inhabit, which in turn fragment the performers’ bodies. Like a living mortar, the movement pours into the interstices of the installation. Conceived as sentient beings, the bricks enter in dialogue with the bodies. Within this evanescent dance, the performers appear and disappear into the material they’re engaging with, opening up a space for reflection on how we build and live in a transforming world.

Since 2019, Philippe Dépelteau has developed a practice intertwined in a dialogue between ecology and the performing arts. Interested in artistic experimentation at a tangible, human scale, Philippe creates performance playgrounds in which somatic experiences meet an architectural scenography composed of abandoned materials. His tender and introspective choreographic universe elicits sensorial engagement as a means of reflection on ecology, habitation, and environmental transformation.

Philippe Dépelteau

Camil Bellefleur

Outside eye
Marie Lévêque

Camille Walsh

Cole Degenstein

With the support of
LA SERRE – arts vivants, Tangente, le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec et le Conseil des Arts du Canada

Creation residency
PPS Danse / Diagramme
Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal
LA SERRE – arts vivants

Special thanks to
Merci à LA SERRE – arts vivants de de nous avoir offert une maison. Luce, Camil, Hoor, Vanessa, Cole, Marie, Camille, merci pour votre engagement et la généreuse curiosité avec laquelle vous avez rencontré les briques. Merci à Timothée Viau et Nils Levazeux pour leur collaboration à la recherche.

Previous creations
S’imbriquer, Tangente (Espace Orange), Septembre 2023.
Ni d’Ève, ni d’Adam. Co-création avec Lauranne Heulot, Festival Termites (2021) et Festival Ciné-Vert (2020 et 2021)