Sharing and Rest

Intermingled Exchanges

Jo Fong + Sonia Hughes + Marilou Craft + Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé – 80 min

White Wall Studio

May 26, 4pm


During OFFTA, a creative residency is taking place, bringing together Welsh and local artists in partnership with Chapter’s (Cardiff). Together, Jo Fong, Sonia Hughes, Marilou Craft, and Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé are in conversation. So far they’ve talked about not knowing, uncertainty, spaciousness and relating. For the OFFTA, they open the doors to their research and invite you to come into the studio.

Intermingled Exchanges

As part of the OFFTA, LA SERRE – arts vivants organizes activities and conversations that allow the live arts communities to reflect on its practices and to engage with the artists presented during the festival.

Three conversations, a sound healing bath, and a moment of sharing allow for the artists and programmers of this edition to share the thoughts and mechanisms at play in their work.