Sound Healing Bath

Intermingled Exchanges

Facilitated by Mecdy Mystic Rootz – 120 min

White Wall Studio

May 26, 12pm

Bring your yoga mat and come take part in this liberating practice!

The practice of sound healing is at the core of Mecdy Mystic Rootz’s methodology. This ancient practice uses sound vibrations to restore harmony and promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The artist behind Translucide invites you to share a moment of recentering by immersing yourself in this healing experience. Mecdy incorporates movement and live music into this workshop.

Intermingled Exchanges

As part of the OFFTA, LA SERRE – arts vivants organizes activities and conversations that allow the live arts communities to reflect on its practices and to engage with the artists presented during the festival.

Three conversations, a sound healing bath, and a moment of sharing allow for the artists and programmers of this edition to share the thoughts and mechanisms at play in their work.