Belonging and Territory

Intermingled Exchanges

Malorie Yawenda Picard + Sam I Am Montolla + Philippe Dépelteau

Moderated by Claudel Doucet

Place de la Paix

June 1, 3pm

No tickets necessary for this event

The relationships that are woven between identity and place are complex and profound – this is what the artists behind the projects S’imbriquer, Where Me and My Father Resides, and Les rouges pour la fin explore in their own way. While Philippe Dépelteau delves into a cyclical and generative ruin, Sam I Am Montolla reconnects with her Trinidadian heritage through learning an instrument, and Malorie Yawenda Picard delves into her Wendat cultural heritage. Claudel Doucet, artistic director of LA SERRE – arts vivants and member of the programming committee, hosts this conversation in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, at place de la Paix.

Intermingled Exchanges

As part of the OFFTA, LA SERRE – arts vivants organizes activities and conversations that allow the live arts communities to reflect on its practices and to engage with the artists presented during the festival.

Three conversations, a sound healing bath, and a moment of sharing allow for the artists and programmers of this edition to share the thoughts and mechanisms at play in their work.