Nous campions loin des endroits où la mort nous attendait

Hugo Nadeau

Alone at his computer, a man gets lost in his own video game. The year is 2197. Exit the State. It was the warming up, now the real game. It was the time of the Predation, it no longer is. Unlocksmiths and extrapolators. North Merica is North Merica. What shall we do with it now?

Through nocturnal tours of The Sum (original title : Nous Aurons), a serious video game, Hugo Nadeau guides us through seven interactive scenarios on Twitch. Nous campions loin des endroits où la mort nous attendait becomes an attempt to deal with reality, an exploration of the spaces between present and imaginary times.

Hugo Nadeau is an interdisciplinary artist from Les Etchemins. In adaptation to the exemplary concentration of wealth, he chose to convert himself to the idea of the free. His artworks are royalty free, his apartment subsidized, his grocery free and his projects paid by the governments. It’s the closest that he will ever be to communism, but also to a state artist.

Ideation and video game Hugo Nadeau Music and video Antonio de Braga Sound design Fred Lebrasseur Voices Jérémie Aubry + Emma Gomez + Jacqueline van de Geer + surprise guests Artistic advisor Sarah Chouinard-Poirier + Dalie Giroux Photo Hugo Nadeau Video teaser Jean-François Dugas Monster-computer assembled and provided by Jimmy Nadeau

Creative residencies Productions Recto-Verso

24–30.05MidnightLive guided tour

Access and participation information will be sent to pass holders in a newsletter on the morning of the performance.