Superheroes Cry Too (SC2)


Édifice Wilder – Espace danse, Espace vert

May 26, 9pm
May 27-28, 4pm

At once an immersive experience combining choreographic installations and a reflection on superhero theories, this interdisciplinary dance piece creates a space for otherworldly vulnerability. Under the artistic direction of Céline Richard Robichon and Richard Shash’U St-Aubin, the collective combines solo performances, live music and video projections, to develop an unconventional approach to Street Dance.

FRGMNT is a young collective whose eclectic approach to making art involves live performance, dance, sound conception & music composition, film, digital art, and event curation. It is a Montréal-based group composed of 5 members whose relationships began within the Street Dance community, years before the collective took form.

As a newly formed collective, FRGMNT, presents an unconventional way to experience artistic practices founded in Hip Hop music and Street Dance, reflected in their creations Never Not Moving aka d**gs and Superheroes Cry Too (SC2) .