Death and Altered States

Intermingled Exchanges

Mecdy Mystic Rootz + Catherine Desjardins-Béland

Moderated by arkadi lavoie lachapelle

Café-bar du MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

May 25, 4pm

No tickets necessary for this event

Many of the artists presented this year engage with altered states, bringing forward their link with ritual and spiritual practices. Mecdy Mystic Rootz and Catherine Desjardins-Béland discuss their methodologies, which are anchored in a quest for serenity in the self, a relationship to death and other liminal spaces. This conversation is facilitated by artist and performer arkadi lavoie lachappelle, who is invested in post-mortem practices and engages with the body as a portal. Whether through BDSM or dance, Catherine and Mecdy respectively are seeking for methods that broaden and care for their relationship to intangible worlds.

Intermingled Exchanges

As part of the OFFTA, LA SERRE – arts vivants organizes activities and conversations that allow the live arts communities to reflect on its practices and to engage with the artists presented during the festival.

Three conversations, a sound healing bath, and a moment of sharing allow for the artists and programmers of this edition to share the thoughts and mechanisms at play in their work.